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This site is intended to showcase some of my writing as a journalist for The Indiana Daily Student and the Battalion. Go to the Links tab for a list of my articles by newspaper title. Go to the Photos tab to see images of articles I wrote.

Some of the articles for the Indiana Daily Student are in the microfiche archives of the newspaper at Indiana University Bloomington. Therefore, they have been uploaded as images.

Some where archived on the High Beam Research website. So, I was able to upload them as text.

Direct link to all Indiana U. articles

Direct link to all Battalion articles

Associated Content Articles

Education and Work Experience

I hold a Bachelor of Journalism from Texas A&M University class of 2003. During the summer of 2003, I wrote for the Battalion. During the summer of 2004, I wrote for the Indiana Daily Student at Indiana University Bloomington.

In 2006, I earned a Master of Education at Texas A&M. I went on to teach high school English for a year in Houston and high school special education applied English for two years in Burleson, Texas.

Blogging and Websites

I have two old blogs. They are at the following links:

I have a website featuring the lessons I created and research I conducted while I was a teacher. 


This January 2011, Insite Magazine of Bryan, Texas published one of my freelance articles.

I also scanned images of it to the photo galary on this site.

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